Hibou Communication


All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know - Ernest Hemingway

Writing copy that interests and engages with the reader is crucial.

To do this, the content must be professionally written, concise and authentic. I have extensive experience working with businesses in a wide range of sectors. At Hibou, we understand the importance of brand consistency and publishing copy which is relevant and interesting to the target audience. Today, AI is changing the landscape and provides valuable tools; however, excellent copywriting requires a human understanding of the business, too.

I can assist your business with website copy & blogs, social media posts, e-newsletters, articles, French/English translation, press releases and more. Using SEO digital tools is important to make copy more visible, using appropriate keywords and content.

Since moving to France in 2014, I have worked with businesses in both the UK and France and supported clients in various industries such as finance, insurance, health, marine, AI, building and construction, retail and planning services.